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Custom Dragon Scale armor!
I pride myself on making all of my pieces to fit YOU, and look exactly the way YOU want it to. There aren't many people in the world who make full sleeve ringed armor fit like I do with the same flexablity. You can scratch your own back while wearing my sleeves. Its high quality and durability. Its Very reasonably priced.
Take a look around. Some things are under developement and so if you want armor that isn't yet available just email me and we will get it squared away. My email is at the bottom of the page. ^_^
I guarantee for life that my armor will not fall apart due to regular wear and tear. If any rings or scales should come apart, I will pay for shipping and repair them for free. I do NOT make this claim for combat related damage. They are NOT combat rated(especialy alumium) and any repairs needed from anything other than wearing them around will cost you. If you decide to wear the armor into combat and break it, I will gladly repair it if you pay for shipping and materials, unless its totaly destroyed. If it would take as long to repair it as just making a new one(its totaly destroyed), I will give you a 30% off discount towards the new armor, and maybe try to reinforce it to stave off more destruction.
This guarantee doesn't apply to scratches in the surface of the scales or through the colored surface either. Even if you order mirror polished scales, they will come with some scratches and the scales scratch each other in the process of being worn. This is normal and to be expected. The anodizing and paint are fairly durable though, so they should last for a good long time before loosing their color.
Why do I gerontee them? I use split rings(key rings) to put them together. Most ringed mail is made from rings cut with no overlap(pic). Split rings have an overlap that keeps them from coming appart even when stretched to twice their size. pic In the future, I hope to obtain a ring welder and then all of the armor that I sell will be welded together, and be even more durable.